Inclusive Excellence Teaching/Learning Resources

SACNAS: Identifying and Succeeding Beyond Impostor Syndrome: Moderator Kathryn Poradiuk, Student Program Manager, SACNAS

Black Feminism and the Movement for Black Lives: Barbara Smith, Riena Gossett, Charlene Carothers  (50:48)

Dr. Robin DiAngelo Discusses ‘White Fragility’ (1:23:30)

How Studying White Privilege Systems Can Strengthen Compassion, Peggy McIntosh | TEDx Timberlane Schools (18:26)

NCWIT: The Color of Our Future: An Online Conversation Series on the Empowerment and Inclusion of Black Women & Girls in Tech 

NCWIT: “Changing the Narrative About Aging, Tech, and Innovation” with Janine Vandenburg |Video Playback